Monday, November 16, 2009

Of AFP at PCMH and my love of dressing up in fancy clothes

Hello again. I've been equal parts busy and indifferent, which doesn't make for good blogging so I've not done any. I have spent an awful lot of time playing dress up, though. Case in point, a picture Kate Sullivan-Jones took of me during the "Paparazzi" photo shoot:


I also went 1920s for a while to film a video in yet another attempt of mine to sing a song that will impress Over a Cardboard Sea. Hot Diggity, what I wouldn't do to guest sing with them...but I digress:


I whipped up a mini culinary masterpiece (ok, so it was just biscuits, salad, and pasta) for Amanda Palmer and the Nervous Cabaret when they came through town. I mostly hung out with the Nervous Cabaret, which suits me fine since they're all nice guys and pretty funny. Case in point this particular gentleman who insisted on pictures with me on two seperate occasions. That's how I know my outfit looked awesome, I guess.


I also followed around my new friend Bryan Bruchman before the show started as he took photos of soundcheck. I've not known him for long, but he and his girlfriend are some of my favorite folks nowadays-- they're both doing fun, creative things with their lives and I admire that and hope to have such a life for myself someday. I'm also glad Bryan was there because when it came time to have my picture taken with Amanda Palmer post-show I had my hands full with trying to carry the leftover food around and couldn't get to my camera so he took a picture with his camera instead. I'm actually glad that happened because it's by far one of the better photographs taken of me, let alone of me with Amanda. The man knows what he's doin', alright.


Since I posted that picture I've heard a few different comments about it, especially about my facial expression. It's funny because I'm fairly sure my only thought at the exact moment the flash went off was "Aubin, don't smirk," as I sometimes have a habit of doing in pictures. No overwhelming fangirly-ness, no fear, no utter joy-- I'm thoroughly inspired by her as a musician and a creative woman, but I don't flail like kermit when I'm around her. I got my fangirl vibes out in that regard when I was 18 and saw the Dresden Dolls for the first time. It's always a pleasure to see her perform nonetheless.

Also, in case you ever doubted how diminutive I am, here's a shot Bryan took of me (most likely by accident) during the concert. I know the guy behind me is super tall, but I'm surrounded by normal heighted people otherwise:


I'm glad to know that I still look photogenic when I'm unaware my picture's being taken. It gives me hope for this Friday's show when, no doubt, there'll be tons of pictures of me being taken. To be fair, that's mostly by my request, since it's my birthday and I plan on getting too drunk to remember it so I'll need those photos later...I am, of course, kidding.

The week wrapped up with me interviewing Loren Coleman, the renowned Cryptozoologist. A very interesting and genuinly kind man with a passion for cryptids the likes of which I've never seen before. Here's me with him in front of the International Cryptozoology Museum's resident Bigfoot:


I did the interview for an article for the USM Free Press. The text and photos can be found cross posted on my writing blog over here:

On that note, I must return to writing this ten page paper and then go to bed, as I'm driving my roommate to the airport early tomorrow morning.
My final thought for the evening? If I were alive during WWII, I would like to think I would have somehow talked my way into being a morale-boosting singer like Vera Lynn was:

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