Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aubin Thomas and Too Much Birthday.

Oh, goodness, what a mess. I usually gauge what I should blog about by the photos newly uploaded into my iphoto library but there’s not much there, which is unusual. I did get a very nice kudos from Loren Coleman on his blog in response to my article that I wrote about his museum for the University newspaper. You can read it here:

My birthday was last weekend and I’m now 23. I feel old but I honestly can’t voice that seriously—all of my friends are at least two years older than I am if not more and they, very rightly, tell me to hush when I say I feel ancient. I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, though. Lady Gaga and Lily Allen are my age and look at all they’ve done. But, as one of my friends pointed out, they were born having music industry connections. I was born with talent, which will hopefully count for something if I ever figure out exactly what to do with it.

My birthday weekend started out with a show at Slainte Wine Bar on Friday. About 50 people said they’d come and about 15 showed up. I’m thankful for the ones who showed up and am trying to not be hurt by the people who didn’t. The show was my absolute worst one I’d ever played and unfortunately the only one to be fully videotaped. I’ve talked with my friend who videotaped it, though, and made a request that she only put up the two songs I didn’t mess up on. I’m not sure why but I couldn’t remember lyrics, even to my own songs. I got so frustrated with myself for the way I am onstage too—I just stand there and it’s horrible. I’m not established enough that people would want to see me stand there like a cow stuck in the mud. I have good songs but it’s hard to show people that if they’re distracted by how boring I look. I had a cold among other things, so my voice is also pretty bad in the one video I do have so far. Here it is anyway, me singing in German with what I suspect is a pretty poor German accent. There’s a guest appearance by my two year old nephew, Max:

My favorite moment has yet to surface on the internet. I ended up dueting on “Voices Carry” by Til Tuesday with my friend Kate (Yes, that Kate). It felt epic at the time, but I won’t really believe it until I see the video. I also loved the moment where Jason and I sang Corrugated Racing Machine which is, as Jason said, the only performance of that song to ever occur live.
Unfortunately, My night was kind of….less than ideal. I was pleased to see two of my favorite bands (who happen to be my friends as well) Wood Burning Cat and Huak play after my set, though. My nephew adored Wood Burning Cat, which was nice since he sat with me for a little bit and watched the show. He grew to love Jason from the one family dinner Jason came with me to so my nephew kept running up right against the mic stands and standing there, sucking his thumb with his big noise-block headphones on. That’s the only reason why I wish my relationship with Jason had worked out—I’ve never seen him reenact so positively to someone. It was nice.


In the middle of Huak’s set I was already feeling a big down, letting my own thoughts eat away at me like I sometimes do. My friend Tara did a rockstar thing and walked across the low table in front of me to get to the stage area but the table wasn’t as steady as she thought and it tipped over and spilled two glasses of ice and a bit of liquid on me and my backpack. Everything happened super fast—I was sobbing, face in my hands bawling my eyes out and then there were people around me, and someone had their hands on my shoulders. Through my fingers I could see Tara and Kate going through my backpack and showing me how there was actually minimal damage and that my digital camera, phone, 35mm, ipod, etc. still worked fine, but I couldn’t stop crying. Jason brought me outside and we sat in his car until I calmed down. When I came back inside, Tara was pretty upset and was afraid I was angry with her, which I could never be—she had no way of knowing that would happen. When I got home I cried on the floor of my bedroom and felt pretty emo.

The next evening I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Jason, David, Kate, and Derek. We ate cake made by my friend Mary (one of two Marys involved in my birthday weekend) and it was very delicious—vegan vanilla with a layer of homemade lemoncurd and butterless-buttercream frosting. The best part, however, was the decorations:


All artificial dye free and decorated with kitties. Perfect!
That Sunday (my actual birthday, the 22nd) was the best in some ways, though, if only for the morning. I made a video with Mary (not the one who made the cake, the other one) at her and her mom’s bar, the deliciously dive-y Mama’s Crowbar (or, according to the sign above the door, Awful Annie’s). Here’s the finished product and wait for the guest appearance of Mary’s Chihuahua Kiwi at the end of it:

I guess this is the end of my blog so it’s as good a time as any to say this (if anyone cares to notice, and I appreciate some people might not care about it) but I’m taking a hiatus from music for the next three months. That means you’d have to pretty much offer me a kitten to get me to sing WITH somebody and there’s no way in heck I’m orchaestrating a show of my own during that time. I still have a fair number of demos if anyone wants one (they’re generally free but a donation of a dollar or two is always nice) and I have a few pins with my logo on it (made by Mr. Bryan Bruchman as an awesome birthday gift to me) that I’ve been giving out when the mood strikes me. But yeah, no more Aubin shoving herself into the music scene in any capacity other than an observer for the next three months.

Until the next time I blog, here’s a picture of me as a baby to celebrate the fact that I’ve somehow lived 23 (wait, 24? Birthdays are counted strangely, I think) years on this planet. Please note that I used to basically have anime eye proportions:



Monday, November 16, 2009

Of AFP at PCMH and my love of dressing up in fancy clothes

Hello again. I've been equal parts busy and indifferent, which doesn't make for good blogging so I've not done any. I have spent an awful lot of time playing dress up, though. Case in point, a picture Kate Sullivan-Jones took of me during the "Paparazzi" photo shoot:


I also went 1920s for a while to film a video in yet another attempt of mine to sing a song that will impress Over a Cardboard Sea. Hot Diggity, what I wouldn't do to guest sing with them...but I digress:


I whipped up a mini culinary masterpiece (ok, so it was just biscuits, salad, and pasta) for Amanda Palmer and the Nervous Cabaret when they came through town. I mostly hung out with the Nervous Cabaret, which suits me fine since they're all nice guys and pretty funny. Case in point this particular gentleman who insisted on pictures with me on two seperate occasions. That's how I know my outfit looked awesome, I guess.


I also followed around my new friend Bryan Bruchman before the show started as he took photos of soundcheck. I've not known him for long, but he and his girlfriend are some of my favorite folks nowadays-- they're both doing fun, creative things with their lives and I admire that and hope to have such a life for myself someday. I'm also glad Bryan was there because when it came time to have my picture taken with Amanda Palmer post-show I had my hands full with trying to carry the leftover food around and couldn't get to my camera so he took a picture with his camera instead. I'm actually glad that happened because it's by far one of the better photographs taken of me, let alone of me with Amanda. The man knows what he's doin', alright.


Since I posted that picture I've heard a few different comments about it, especially about my facial expression. It's funny because I'm fairly sure my only thought at the exact moment the flash went off was "Aubin, don't smirk," as I sometimes have a habit of doing in pictures. No overwhelming fangirly-ness, no fear, no utter joy-- I'm thoroughly inspired by her as a musician and a creative woman, but I don't flail like kermit when I'm around her. I got my fangirl vibes out in that regard when I was 18 and saw the Dresden Dolls for the first time. It's always a pleasure to see her perform nonetheless.

Also, in case you ever doubted how diminutive I am, here's a shot Bryan took of me (most likely by accident) during the concert. I know the guy behind me is super tall, but I'm surrounded by normal heighted people otherwise:


I'm glad to know that I still look photogenic when I'm unaware my picture's being taken. It gives me hope for this Friday's show when, no doubt, there'll be tons of pictures of me being taken. To be fair, that's mostly by my request, since it's my birthday and I plan on getting too drunk to remember it so I'll need those photos later...I am, of course, kidding.

The week wrapped up with me interviewing Loren Coleman, the renowned Cryptozoologist. A very interesting and genuinly kind man with a passion for cryptids the likes of which I've never seen before. Here's me with him in front of the International Cryptozoology Museum's resident Bigfoot:


I did the interview for an article for the USM Free Press. The text and photos can be found cross posted on my writing blog over here:

On that note, I must return to writing this ten page paper and then go to bed, as I'm driving my roommate to the airport early tomorrow morning.
My final thought for the evening? If I were alive during WWII, I would like to think I would have somehow talked my way into being a morale-boosting singer like Vera Lynn was: