Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffee for One; or, How I'm Avoiding Doing Schoolwork by Blogging.

I think that my coffee consumption now qualifies as an addiction. I've gone from one cup with milk and sugar in the morning and a liberal addition of irish cream and hot cocoa mix into it to drinking three or four cups of black coffee a day. I brought this up to my friend Elisha and her mother while I was visiting them in Boston and they both shared how they drink more coffee than me (well, Elisha's mother has since quit coffee as well as cigarettes, but when she did both still she drank more than me). I suppose it makes me feel better but it can't be good for me, can it? Or maybe I'm just being influenced by watching a few too many episodes of A&E's Intervention. This coffee can should just be glued to my hand:

While I'm here, I'll also mention my video that I made this past month. It's for the song "cupcakes" and it associated with my "solo album." Heavens I feel arrogant for typing "solo album." Anyhow, I got myself dressed up, climbed on a counter and made a video. Enjoy:

I also had an impromptu photo shoot while in Boston on the aforementioned visit. Elisha is a great photographer so I'm glad to have some photos taken by her. I love this one:
it's so city-looking and to me it's clear I'm being silly with what I'm holding and posing like but to everyone else I'll just look like a douche. That's funny to me, though.
This moment also happened, and it's probably why I'm fighting a cold or flu or something now. It was worth it:

In more important news, I have my first solo show coming up on October 2. It's funny how everything has once again come full circle. It's like a restart from this past July when I was asked by Meg to do a solo set at Geno's and messed that up by panicking and volunteering a band with Alex I hadn't even created yet. I refused to panick this time and now I'm on the bill as "Aubin Thomas," AKA- all by my damn self. I can't back out of that now. Which is awesome, actually. It will be about 25 minutes of actual music with about ten to fifteen minutes built in for talking and so forth. I'm excited because 1)This is for a benefit for The Dooryard, which you all know I love, 2)I really love the idea of getting my name out there as a solo artist, and 3)I've enlisted Irina and Ahna from the Dooryard (two wonderful, creative, sexy-tastic women) to be my back-up dancers and (if I'm persuasive enough) back-up singers in a cover of "Don't Tell Mama" from the stage version of Cabaret. It will be awesome. Jason is helping me figure out how to set everything up. I will, of course, post pictures as things progress.

But, for now, I have to go back to being an academic...and an art director...and a volunteer copy editor-cum-anything-else-needed-for-that-week type of person. Here I am dreaming about copy editing. The end:

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